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The Ethics Forum desires to offer opportunities for all high school students throughout New Hampshire to broaden their worldview, to develop ethical leadership skills, to give back to their own communities and to participate in meaningful philosophical conversations.

Ethics Forum projects directly correlate with the mission of Souhegan High School.

To respect and encourage the right to teach and the right to learn at all times

To actively engage in learning to support and engage an individual’s unique gifts, passions and intentions

To develop and empower the mind, body and heart

To challenge and expand the comfortable limits of thought, tolerance and performance to inspire and honor active stewardship of family, nation and the globe

In order to stay centered on these core components, the Ethics Forum hosts and participates in a wide range of local, state and regional events including most notably the HYPE or Hosting Young Philosophy Enthusiasts Conference and the LEAP or Leadership Empowering Authentic Progress Conference.   We look forward to continuing our collaborative work with high schools, colleges and universities, as well as community institutions highlighting and practicing the importance of strong ethical leadership.

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