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  • June 21Hope For Gus Week! 9/24 - 9/29

Hope For Gus

hope-for-gus-2016-logo The Hope for Gus Foundation was started by Souhegan High School faculty member Steve Dreher and his wife Tonya. Their son, Gus, has Duchenne’s Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), a debilitating disease that causes the muscles of young boys to weaken year after year. The disease is terminal. The boys who suffer from this genetic mutation’s lives are cut too short. Currently, everyone with DMD die before proper adulthood. However, there is still hope! The foundation raises money for research in treatments for all boys with DMD, and there have been breakthroughs recently which could potentially treat Gus and many other boys who suffer with him. With further donations, scientists working to cure DMD will be able to find more new possible treatments, and potentially find the cure. This year, Hope for Gus Week will be held the week of September 24! This is your chance to make a difference.

Hope for Gus Week

Hope for Gus week takes place the week of September 25th at Souhegan High School. It kicks off with an assembly, and a speech by Steve or Tonya Dreher to reintroduce this cause which is so important to the Souhegan Community and to pump us all up for the coming week activities! The assembly marks the beginning of the week-long fundraising drive to treat this horrible disease.  

The Gus Friday Night Football Game

In 2010, the former athletic director of Souhegan approached Steve to offer support from the athletic program in any way possible. Today, the longstanding tradition of the Gus Football Game endures and is as big a part of the Souhegan identity as ever! The Gus Friday Night Football Game, hosted by Souhegan’s Ethics Forum, is a way to donate directly to the foundation by pledging an amount per touchdown that either team scores throughout the game. This year, the Gus Touchdown Pledge will be held on September 28th.  

The Run for Gus 5K and Fall Festival

The grand finale for the Hope for Gus week is a spectacular 5k run and festival, complete with games, activities and music. The Ethics Forum will be hosting the Run for Gus on September 30th at Souhegan High School. All proceeds will go to support the Hope for Gus Foundation and their work for DMD. The Run for Gus wraps up our fundraising at Souhegan for the year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t donate to this incredible cause afterward. If you’d like to continue to donate after these events please go to Any donations are appreciated, as we stand with Gus and find the cure together!  

Hope for Gus 2016

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Hope For Gus