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Operation Pumpkin

Operation Pumpkin is an event Ethics Forum holds every year during Halloween to let Elementary students, and High school students interact in order to bring our communities together. It allows the younger kids to have fun and learn from High school Students which is incredibly beneficial, and prevents the elementary from having any fear of older kids, or fear of interacting with their communities. The Ethics Forum students go to the local elementary school, Mont Vernon Village School, and perform a skit and dance prepared earlier to perform for all the Elementary students. The event is decorated with over 200 pumpkins painted by our Ethics students.  After the performance we spend the rest of the day with the children, and we help teach them skills they are learning and play with them during recess. This event brings the Amherst/Mont Vernon students of all ages together in a fun, exciting day  for everyone.

Operation Pumpkin 2014 Dance

Souhegan High School
Operation Pumpkin