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What is S.P.E.L??

SPEL stands for Students Practicing Ethical Leadership. Several Souhegan Ethics Forum students are taking leadership initiatives within our school, and help from St. Anselm College. SPEL hopes to spread our influence to other schools across New England. SPEL has began to plan major fundraising events and recruit other students to engage in leadership opportunities. We’ve began working with several St. Anselm staff members and students to develop a leadership sector to promote student leadership in schools. As a group, we hope to encourage student leadership and inspire philosophical discussion within the high school and collegiate level. 

What are Our Goals for the Future?

Our goal, as a group, is to promote student leadership by informing other schools of its benefits, and educating teachers how to lead philosophical discussion in the classroom. By installing ethical principles within schools, we hope to encourage the growth and expansion of student leadership using the Ethics Forum model. We hope to create a sustainable foundation to continue existing programs like HYPE, a huge philosophical conference hosted by Ethics Forum each year, and various mini conferences. 

CCLE Values

Our CCLE Values

Communication, in order to inquire together and learn from one another. Collaboration, in order to pursue the common good of our community. Listening, in order to understand those who offer a different perspective. Empathizing, in order to welcome others with hospitality and humility.

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