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Each year Ethics Forum, in conjunction with a leadership group from Spaulding High School, puts on a massive philosophy conference at UNH Durham. It consists of interactive sessions in a small group format.  Each student spends most of the day in a Socratic seminar-style discussion led by student facilitators from the HYPE leadership schools.  Each group consists of between 8 to 12 students who come from various schools in the New England region. Not only is the conference an incredible experience for the students who attend, it is also a huge step up for Souhegan and Spaulding High School Seniors, as the conference is almost entirely student run, aside from our academic and faculty advisers. These Seniors have put in countless hours of their free time to produce a product that is comparable to the professional world outside of high school. This is a leadership experience unlike any other, and alumni take this experience and apply it to wherever their endeavors take them. For more information please email

*The HYPE Logo was designed by Sienna Langone, a 2017 Souhegan High School Senior


LEAP is a day-long conference that introduces the study and the authentic work of leadership to high school students. Founded by the Souhegan High School Ethics Forum, Amherst, NH and the University of New Hampshire Manchester spring of 2014, LEAP is determined to make a difference in the lives of students by giving them the opportunity to refine their leadership skills and return those skills to their own communities and schools. For more information click here.


Threat to democracy Program

As our relationship with UNH has grown tighter over our many years of working with them, we are excited to offer HYPE attending students another new opportunity to further their philosophically driven intellect: the Future Leader’s Institute Threat To Democracy program for Summer 2017!

This program offers students the chance to study a larger variety philosophical topics through the lens of citizenry, ethics and leadership training. It will be held at UNH Durham, providing students the opportunity to live on campus and attend sessions from July 17-28.  HYPE participating schools can nominate one student who wishes to go for a financial award of $200.00 off the normal tuition price.

The full description of this year’s program can be found here.

Freedom Conference

Starting 2017, we have been afforded a new incredible opportunity to a select few students to further their experience and give each of them a stage to interact with a few of the best minds in New England.

Sponsored by HYPE, the University of New Orleans and the University of New Hampshire Manchester, this conference will be centered on the issue freedom and policing.  Each participating HYPE Conference school will nominate one of the best of their students to attend this year’s conference, which will be held at UNH Manchester on Saturday, April 1.  This exciting, new conference will be led by Crawford Crews (the University of New Orleans), Christopher Brooks (Souhegan High School and UNH Durham), and Souhegan High School Ethics Forum students, and is completely free!

Students will receive a University of New Orleans reading packet as well as other conference materials.  Breakfast and lunch are provided.  The student is only responsible for transportation to and from the conference on that day.

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